Alex’s Newspaper Report.

The start of the Wesham Summer 10k on Wednesday evening

The second Wesham Summer 10k was a resounding success with 387 finishers and 50 runners breaking the 40 minutes mark. There was a tremendous battle at the head of the field as Wesham’s Rob Danson was challenged by Blackburn ace Ben Fish, but Danson pulled away over the second 5km and won by 6 seconds in a fine 31:11. Simon Denye had a great run finishing second for Wesham and 12th overall in 35:38 placing 1st M45. Coming in 22nd and 23rd Paul Gregory and Steve Abbott clocked 37:13 and 37:20 to take 3rd and 4th M40 positions, and Thomas Crabtree was 26th in 37:34. Garry Barnett was 2nd M50 and 29th with 37:51. Chris Hastwell finished 36th with 38:42 and Jason Barlow in his first outing as an M50 finished 4th and 47th overall in 39:44. The leading woman’s time was a swift 36:26, Carla Davies with her Red Rose vest on, but mention must go to 6th placed Jo Armitage who ran a Guinness World record for pushing a single buggy round the course in 42:37 (42:32 chip time).

Helen Lawrenson was Wesham’s first woman finisher in 16th place, 4th W45 with 44:57. Suzanne Leonard was 30th in 48:40, and Leanne Nield 31st with 48:44. Elizabeth Johnson was 7th W35 and 49th in 50:53, and Alice Deacon 65th with 52:58. Back in the men’s ranks David Taylor was on 40-minute pace duties with 39:57 (49th) with Neil Gregson 60th in 40:49. Steve Myerscough was 63rd in 41:13, and Jason Parkinson and Lee Nixon 64th and 65th with 41:15. Gary Pendlebury was the leading M65 in 68th place with 41:45 and Carl Groome 42:09 for 75th place. Sean Murray was 81st in 42:34; Neil Whipp 83rd in 42:38; Peter Cruse 84th and 7th M55 42:39; Graeme Taylor 100th 43:58; Chris Haynes 109th 44:25; Elliot Costello on 45 minute pace 128th 45:14 with Stuart Clayton 129th 45:15; Alan Hudson 3rd M65 and 135th 45:34 with Martin Bates 4th M60 and 137th 45:44; Ian Hogg 140th 45:48; Mick Edge triathlete 143rd 45:54; Ben Wrigley 147th 46:19; George Kennedy 183rd 48:40; Dave Marsland and Graham Cunliffe 7th and 8th M60s 188th and 191st in 49:11 and 49:27; James Danson 198th 49:39; Stuart Topping on 50-minute pace with Stephen Twist 203rd and 204th 49:47; Lee Austin 221st 50:38; Finlay McCalman 222nd 50:41; Colin Smy 249th 52:18; Jonathan Sanderson 265th 53:21; Paul Carter 272nd 53:38; Dave Young 2nd M70 and 277th 54:02; Jack Rayson 289th 54:46; Andrew Moore 291st 54:47; Michael Hall 295th 55:07; Lucy Neighbour 95th woman and 306th 56:20; Heather and Keith Wilding 308th and 309th 57:14 and 57:15; Sharlan Butcher 316th 58:33; Dawn Biggs 318th 58:43; Nicola Hill 321st 58:53; Nicola Ball 326th 59:26; Antoinette Holton on 60-minute pace 331st 59:44; Debbie Myerscough 345th 61:22; Emma Wright 350th 61:57; Lisa Mills 351st 62:11; Susan Hopcroft 364th 64:50; Nicola Carter 366th 65:26; Julie Rooney 371st 66:18; Emma Jones 385th 1:15:58; and Tanya Shaw on tail sweep duties 387th 1:16:22.

Simon Denye finished 2nd in Saturday evening’s first Catforth 5k of the year, clocking an excellent 17:12 finishing 29 seconds behind the race winner. Garry Barnett was 7th and first M50 in 18:18, with Chris Hastwell 6 seconds adrift in 9th place with 18:24. Paul Lancashire was 12th in 19:24, a great run, and Sean Murray was 17th with a great 20:11. Stuart Topping showed his form in 21st place with 21:09, and Anne Mayers-Smith was 4th woman and 23rd in 21:31, 1st W40. Alan Hudson was on great form to place 1st M65 and 30th in 22:11 with Lee Austin 31st in 22:19. Ben Wrigley ran well with 22:36 for 34th place, and Kath Hoyer was 7th woman and 1st W55 in 23:05, 37th overall. Julie Topping was 70th in 32:43; Kerry Eccles 3rd W55 and 71st also in 32:43; Dave Waywell 72nd and 1st M70 with 33:22; and Rhianne Austin 73rd with 33:23.

There were 9 Wesham runners in the Bowley Hill Trail Race on Monday, with Andrew Harling the first finisher over the hilly 5.8-mile course in 10th place with 46:19. Steven Gore was 15th in 49:17; Paul Lancashire was 21st in 51:01; Steve Myerscough 28th with 54:32; Stuart Clayton 31st in 55:25; Kath Hoyer 4th woman and 1st W55 in 58:26, 37th overall; Vicky Gore 11th woman and 58th in 67:28; Jo McCaffery 12th and 60th with 68:34 and Dave Young 2nd M70 and 62nd in 69:15. 

Rob Wallace ran the Blackpool 10-Mile along the Promenade and he finished 33rd in 1:15:50.

There were six Wesham runners in the Hutton Roof Fell Race on Saturday afternoon. Steve Myerscough finished 68th in 1:09:49 to place 26th M40. Neil Whipp was 74th with 1:10:34, and Jen Salt 32nd woman in 1:36:35. Emma Davies was a tremendous 34th with 1:39:20 for 163rd place overall having beaten Jen to the summit of Farleton Knott by a minute, while Ryan Azzopardi placed 164th in 1:39:21. Debbie Myerscough placed 38th woman and 10th W50 in 2:08:46, a very creditable result. All the runners were treated to a village hall full of cakes post-race.

Ian Garrod was the first Wesham finisher at the Lytham Hall parkrun on Saturday morning, clocking a swift 20:32 for an M55 age graded performance percentage of 76.14%. Keith Wilding was on form for a new personal best run in 22:53 for an M60 age grade of 71.30%. Mark Belfield ran 23:24 for an M35 57.05% and Sharon Cooper recorded 23:30 for W45 67.59%. Ian Nichols Hogg had 23:45 for a grade of 54.32%, and Peter Rooney an M60 62.55% with a time of 25:38, pacing in Stephen Twist with 25:39 and an M50 58.41%. Antionette Holton ran 26:53 for a 55.42% and James Birchall had 34:12 for an age grade of 37.82%. In the South Manchester run Tracey Hulme ran 23:53 for W55 75.79%, and in the Preston parkrun Arran Galvin clocked 19:41 for M35 68.33% with a new personal best performance. Steve Myerscough returned 21:12 with a good run for an M45 grade of 66.90%. Robert Brown ran 27:18 with M60 59.28%. In Southport’s Hesketh Park David Taylor ran the second fastest time of the morning in 17:23 for an age grade of 74.78%. Vicky Gore ran 25:20 for W40 61.64%; Megan Gore 33:34 for JW11 48.29% with Steven Gore running the same time in support. At the Riverside run in Chester-le-Street Emma Brook ran 29:09 for W35 51.46%, and in Glasgow’s Victoria Park Suzanne Leonard and George Kennedy ran 23:22 and 23:23 for W45 70/90% and M60 69.21%. In the Blackpool parkrun in Stanley Park Helen Lawrenson was the second fastest woman of the day with 22:29 for a W45 grade of 73.68%. Dave Marsland ran 25:57 for M60 63.46%, with Ben Wrigley clocking 26:16 for M35 51.21%. Dave Young scored an M70 age grade of 67.02% with 26:38, with Andrew Moore running 27:44 for M55 56.37%.  Along Fleetwood Promenade Peter Cruse ran a great 21:06 for an M55 grade of 73.46% while Graham Cunliffe clocked 24:24 for M60 66.87% and Martin Bates 24:47 to return M60 65.84%. Brian Jones ran 28:18 for an M55 55.71%.