Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Jo McCaffery leads Steven Gore and Martin Allison at Wholan Nook

The next round of the Wesham Trail Running Championships was at Wholan Nook with 13 members completing the 5-mile course. Paul Gregory was the first finisher in 36th place with a time of 34:34 to finish 9th M40. Steven Gore was 41st with 35:20 with Mark Renshall 58th in 36:23, 8th M45. Paul Lancashire placed 72nd in 37:26 and Steve Myerscough was 14th M45 with 38:47 in 96th position. Elliot Costello finished 103rd in 39:18 with Kath Hoyer 20th woman and 2nd W55 in 42:48, 149th overall. Martin Allison placed 158th in 43:24; Vicky Gore was 47th woman in 47:51, 8th W40 and 216th overall. Dave Young was 2nd M70 and 247th overall with 50:34 and Jo McCaffery 75th woman in 51:45, 17th W40 and 258th overall. Dave Waywell finished 4th M70 and 279th overall in 56:11.

Steve Littler finished 3rd and 1st M45 in the first of the 2019 Pilling 10k Series on Saturday morning, running a smart 33:35 just 26 seconds behind the race winner and 7 seconds off second place.

There was a good Wesham turnout at the Horwich Jubilee 5-mile on Wednesday evening as the club Road Championship continues. Simon Denye was first placed in 7th with a great run clocking 29:13 and 2nd M45. Andrew Harling was 15th in 30:37 with Thomas Crabtree 16th with 31:04. Rob Wallace finished 54th in 36:56 with Stuart Clayton 61st in 37:47. Sara Ward was 20th woman and 3rd W50 in 41:12, 87th overall, and Peter Rooney 91st with 42:18, 2nd M60; interestingly the leading M60 was just beaten by the leading W60, 36:51 and 36:47 respectively. Maureen Danson finished 28th woman and 6th W50 finishing with husband James in 44:28 (100th and 101st overall). Kerry Eccles was 35th woman and 3rd W55 in 47:26 (116th), and Julie Rooney finished 41st (125 overall) in 55:14(4th W40). The Wesham men’s team finished 4th just 5 points behind Wigan and the women were 7th team.

Anne Mayers-Smith finished 86th woman and 9th W40 in the Christleton 5k in Cheshire with a time of 24:47, 369th overall in a popular and high-quality event with 33 women running inside 20 minutes. Sarah Sherratt completed the Fairfield Horseshoe Fell Race over 9 miles and 2999ft ascent in 181st place with a time of 2:08:26 (28th woman and 13th W40).

Rob Wallace ran the Great Manchester 10k on Sunday finishing 920th out of the 30,000 competitors in 44:27. Peter Bartlett came in 7097th in 57:58. In the Worden Park 10k Kath Hoyer finished 1st W55, 14th woman and 80th overall in 48:54 on the two-lap course. Finlay McCalman was 111th in 51:42; Kerry Eccles was 5th W55 50th woman and 166th with 56:04 and Dave Waywell 327th in 75:31 finishing 3rd M70.

Richard Whall completed the Brathay 10 in 10 last week, this is running the Windermere Marathon course every day for 10 days culminating in the main open race on Sunday. His times were 4:25:24 (8th); 4:39:15 (11th); 4:52:10 (12th); 5:00:44 (13th); 5:27:21 (16th); 5:20:55 (11th); 4:29:58 (6th); 5:32:04 (14th); 4:45:06 (8th); and 4:28:26 (8th), with his total time being 49:01:23 (10th). In the Windemere Marathon on Sunday Chas Colby finished 402nd in 4:19:49, 50th M45; David Millar 647th with 4:48:52; and John Howorth 930th in 6:14:58. Angela Colby unfortunately had to drop out at 10 miles with a calf pull.

The Lytham hall parkrun suffered a late cancellation last week so Wesham members graduated to other neighbouring runs and the tourists were spread far and wide. Rob Danson had the fastest time of the day at the Preston parkrun with a time of 16:42 to gain an age graded performance of 77.25%. Steve Myerscough tackled his home run for his 180th event in 21:24 for an M45 age grade of 66.28%. Ian Nichols Hogg ran 23:37 for a grade of 54.62%. In Worsley Woods under the M60 in Manchester Martin Bates clocked 22:59 for M60 70.99% and at Chest-le-Street in Riverside Park along the Wear Emma Brook had 29:37 for W35 50.65%. David Taylor produced the fastest run of the day in Ludlow with 18:58 for a grade of 68.54%. Steven Gore ran 20:45 for the 3rd fastest time and an M35 grade of 64.82% and Vicky Gore clocked 28:22 for W40 55.05%. The Blackpool Stanley Park run took most of the outflow from Lytham Hall with 17 Wesham members, led by club captain Stuart Topping who ran 22:01 for an M45 grade of 65.93%. Martin Allison recorded 22:52 with M35 57.65% and Rob Wallace clocked 22:54 for 56.33%. Dave Marsland had 22:56 for M60 71.80% and Suzanne Leonard ran 23:31 for W45 70.45% with George Kennedy scoring 23:32 for an M60 grade of 68.77%. Sharon Cooper clocked 23:43 for W45 66.97%; Peter Rooney 24:06 with M60 66.53%; Stephen Twist 24:37 with M50 60.87%; Finlay McCalman 25:21 for M55 60.62%; Jack Rayson 26:32 with 48.62%; Jo McCaffery 26:35 with W40 57.87%; Dave Young 26:39 and M70 66.98%; Nicola carter 32:40 with W35 46.07%; Julie Rooney 32:43 and W45 48.55%; James Birchall 33:33 with 38.55%; and Julie Topping 33:34 with W45 48.76%. Further afield in Berlin Hasenheide Park Stuart Clayton ran 22:58 with an M50 grade of 64.73%, while along Fleetwood Promenade Simon Denye ran the morning’s fastest time with 17:26 for an M45 age grade of 81.36%, this week’s highest for Wesham. Steve Waterhouse had the 4th fastest time with 18:58 for M50 77.77% and Peter Cruse clocked 20:48 with M55 74.52%. Graham Cunliffe ran 23:26 with an M60 grade 69.63% while Brian Jones recorded 30:26 with an M55 grade of 51.81%. In the relatively new Ford parkrun in Ulverston James Mulvany ran 18:37 for M40 73.86%.