Alex’s Newspaper Report.

David Taylor and Steve Abbott battled it out again in this week’s Inter Club in Lytham.

There were 72 Wesham members took part in the Lytham Inter Club race on Wednesday evening in blustery and cool conditions. The course had to revised to accommodate the sea defence works ruling out a circuit of Fairhaven Lake, but Wesham’s Rob Danson chewed up the new hairpin turns to complete the 4.6 miles in 23:03, toying with Preston’s Andy Benson in the opening two miles to pull away from him on the return along the lake shore from Granny’s Bay, opening up a minute lead. Steve Swarbrick was second back for Wesham in 25:48 in 9th place and 3rd Masters Over-40. Simon Denye was 12th and 5th Over-40 with a strong run clocking 26:20. Ugis Datavs finished 16th with 26:30 with David Taylor 18th in 26:39. Steve Abbott was 19th in 26:55, 8th Over-40 and Paul Gregory finished 29th and 12th Over-40 in 27:28. Mark Belfield finished 37th in 27:36 with Andrew Harling 40th in 27:42 and Thomas Crabtree 41st with 27:49. Collectively the Wesham Senior team placed 2nd behind Preston with a great performance.

For the women, Helen Lawrenson was 10th in 32:09, 127th overall, and Anne Mayers-Smith finished 17th in 33:39, 164th. Sue Coulthurst ran well for 20th place, 170th in 33:58 with Suzanne Leonard 24th and 191st overall in 34:40 and Sharon Cooper 36th and 222nd in 36:18. The Wesham women were 3rd team behind Lytham and Blackpool. The same team were 3rd Women Masters team in the same rank with Lytham and Blackpool.

The Men Masters were 2nd behind Lytham, with Swarbrick 3rd; Denye 5th; Abbott 8th; Gregory 12th; Lee Barlow 20th in 27:58, 45th overall; and Garry Barnett 23rd in 28:10, 49th overall. The Men Over-50 were also 2nd behind Lytham, with Barnett 7th; Phil Quibell 8th in 28:34; Steve Waterhouse 11th in 28:44 and Jason Barlow 14th with 29:42, with the Men-60 winning by 2 points from Red Rose with Quibell 1st; Gary Pendlebury 3rd in 30:32 and Martin Bates 10th with 33:14. Chris Haswell was 42nd in 27:52; Neil Harrison 46th in 28:02; Leon Flesher 50th with 28:19; Steven Gore 57th in 28:43; Arron Galvin 61st in 28:53; Lee Nixon 72nd with 29:33; Paul Lancashire 73rd (29:34); Jason Parkinson 103rd (30:51); Rob Wallace 110th (31:16); Elliot Costello 114th (31:24); Peter Cruse 123rd (31:48); Neil Whipp 124th (31:58); Stuart Topping 137th (32:35); Mick Edge 147th (32:58); Stuart Clayton 150th (33:04); Alan Hudson 163rd (33:37); Richard Davies 167th (33:48); Ian Nichols Hogg 171st (34:00); George Kennedy 190th (34:39); James Danson 216th (36:03); Steve Myerscough 226th (36:29); Dave Marsland 228th (36:35); Alex Beaumont 236th (36:49); Finlay McCalman 244th (37:25); Ryan Azzopardi 248th (37:44); Lee Austin 251st (37:52); Stephen Twist 260th (38:12); James Birchall 278th (39:30); Jack Rayson 288th (39:49); Dave Young 290th (39:52); Paul Carter 296th (40:05); Michael Barnes 316th (41:38); and Peter Bartlett 319th (41:53).  Elizabeth Johnson was 50th in 38:00 (254th overall); Kay Twist 55th in 38:14 (261st); Catherine Nicholls 57th in 38:38 (265th); Louisa Denye 58th (38:43; 268th); Tanya Shaw 60th (39:26; 276th); Maureen Danson 61st (39:28; 277th); Antionette Holton 67th (39:48; 287th); Emma Davies 70th (40:00; 294th); Kerry Eccles 83rd (41:29; 312th); Nicola Hill 85th (41:37; 315th); Sharlan Butcher 89th (42:04; 321st); Emma Wright 98th (43:03; 334th); Debbie Myerscough 109th (44:26; 353rd); Sally Deacon 123rd (47:13; 370th); Nicola Carter 124th (47:41; 372nd); Leah Birchall 128th (49:07; 377th); and Julie Rooney 129th (49:09; 378th).

Steve Abbott ran the Avenham Park 5k on Monday in Preston and finished 4th in a good quality field with 18:19. Chris Hastwell was 7th in 18:39. Alice Deacon scooped 25:09 for 92nd place, 26th woman. Paul Hetherington finished 7th in the Sheriff 10k in Scorton on Sunday with a time of 39:08 over the hilly course. Peter Cruse was 27th and 3rd M55 in 43:56, with Emma Lund 4th woman and 36th in 47:04. Jonathan Lawson placed 41st in 47:42, 6th M50. John Howorth came in 94th in 63:31 with Joy Hetherington 106th in 67:12 running in with Sue Rigby. Susan Hopcroft was just behind in 108th place with 67:37. Elizabeth Johnson ran the Yarrow River Bluebell 10k in Chorley in 1:03:38 through the woods with water crossings and all sorts of fun to finish 102nd, with Fran Hodskinson 111th in 1:04:16.

Graham Brook finished 222nd, 29th M50, in the Kentmere Trail 10k on Saturday, part of the Lakeland Ultimate Trails series, with a time of 1:20:47 for the fell-side course. Diane Blagden was 344th in 1:31:53, 28th W50. Helen Lawrenson ran the Challenge 18km and she finished 59th in 1:44:07, 2nd woman in the 40-49 age category. Paul Lancashire ran the 18 Trail Race an hour later and he finished 54th in 1:31:58. Monday bank holiday saw the annual Wray Caton Fell Race over 6.8 miles and 1099ft ascent and a Wesham club championship. Paul Gregory was first to finish in 25th place in 49:19, with Thomas Crabtree 31st in 50:09. Steve Myerscough was 59th in 55:51 with Jason Parkinson hard on his tail with 55:53 for 60th place. Stuart Clayton was 86th in 61:45 and Rob Wallace 97th in 64:40. Ryan Azzopardi finished 107th in 1:10:26 with Emma Davies and James Birchall 126th and 127th in 1:22:43 and 1:22:44. Debbie Myerscough was 130th in 1:38:38.

Emma Lund ran the Lancaster supper Run on Thursday, completing the undulating 4 mile course in 28:29 for 35th place and 2nd woman, also 1st W35.

Another Bank Holiday weekend and Lytham members were out at parkruns all over the country. At home in Lytham Hall Neil Whipp ran very well for a new personal best performance with his time 20:32 and an M40 age graded percentage of 66.48%. Jonathan Lawson ran 22:02 for an M50 grade of 67.47%. Lee Austin clocked 22:59 with Stuart Topping for a grade of 56.42% and M45 percentage 63.16%. Sharon Cooper was Wesham’s first lady today with 23:30 for W45 67.59% and Keith Wilding ran 23:46 for M60 68.09%. Stephen Twist ran out 27:23 for an M50 grade of 54.72% with Nicola Carter running 29:56 for W35 50.28%. James Birchall timed in at 29:57 with a percentage of 43.18% with Kerry Eccles and Sally Deacon at 31:32 with W55 58.19% and W50 54.59%. Linda Cartwright ran 32:31 for W45 50.33% and Rhianne Austin 32:32 for a grade of 45.49%. Julie Rooney ran 34:26 for W40 45.69%; Debbie Bell 35:26 for W45 44.83%, and Linda Williamson 35:59 with W45 44.56%. In South Manchester in Platt Fields Tracey Hulme recorded 24:24 for W55 74.18%, and in Preston’s Avenham Park Steve Abbott cooled down with a nifty 18:06 to equal his personal best with an M40 grade of 76.52% and this week’s highest score. Steve Myerscough ran 22:31 for M45 62.99% and Paul Carter 28:38 with M45 51.11%. In Southport in Hesketh Park Stuart Clayton clocked 23:55 for M50 62.16% and further afield in Chester-le-Street at the Riverside parkrun Emma Brook ran 29:29 for W35 50.88%, and at Barry Island in South Wales Elliot Costello recoded 21:54 for a performance grade of 58.90%. In Blackpool’s Stanley Park Rob Wallace ran 21:48 for 59.17%; Ben Wrigley 24:03 with an M35 grade of 55.93%; Suzanne Leonard and George Kennedy 24:03 for W45 68.88% and M60 67.29%; Finlay McCalman ran 26:43 for an M5 grade 57.52%; Dave Marsland ran 26:46 for M60 61.52%; Dave Young returned an M70 65.03% with a time of 27:27; and Antionette Holton clocked 28:39 for 52.01%. Taking in a series of sea front promenades, in Fleetwood Mark Renshall ran 21:29 in very fresh conditions for M45 66.02%; Peter Cruse 21:32 for M55 71.98%; and Martin Bates 28:39 for M60 68.94%. Along Girvan Promenade Ian Nichols Hogg clocked 22:20 for an age grade of 57.76%, and on Morecambe Prom in the 4th event there David Taylor ran 18:12 for 71.43%, with Vicky Gore running 25:30 for W40 61.24% with Steven Gore the same time and Megan Gore notching up a JW11 44.84% with a time of 36:19.