Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Paul Gregory toughs it out and likes to take on a challenge

Rob Danson had a Good Friday run in the Salford 10k finishing 4th in a race that was surprisingly not that fast. Danson clocked 31:33 and the winning time was only 31:03. The finishing times were close packed up to 34 minutes (27 runners across the line), and Wesham’s Steve Littler placed 10th with 32:49 for 1st M45 and second master overall. Simon Denye ran excellently for 71st place in 36:21, 8th M45; Lee Barlow was 105th in 38:01, 14th M45; Chris Hastwell 116th in 38:26; Thomas Crabtree was 159th in 40:26; Stuart Clayton 272nd with 45:18; Martin Allison 339th in 49:25; James Danson (Rob senior) finished 362nd in 50:27; Peter Rooney 391st 51:42 and 14th M60; Jo McCaffery 452nd and 113th woman in 55:14, 15th W40; Kerry Eccles finished 441st in 54:39, 110th woman and 7th W55, a great result. Colin Smy was 458th in 55:26.

The Wesham Fell Running club Championship continued with the historic and hungrily contested Rivington Pike Race on Saturday. Paul Gregory ran well over the “A” class course, 699ft of climb over 3.2 miles to finish 67th and 12th M40 in 23:22. Thomas Crabtree placed 84th in 24:08 with Steve Myerscough 99th and 9th M45 in 24:33. Jason Parkinson ran 27:10 over the short steep course from the north end of Horwich to come in 171st after the sharp descent from the tower. Neil Whipp finished 178th and 33rd M40 in 27:18, with Elliot Costello 198th in 27:57. Nigel Shepherd placed 11th M60 and 229th in 28:58 and Ryan Azzopardi was 307th in 32:19. Emma Davies finished 83rd woman and 370th overall in 36:44 with an excellent effort, and Debbie Myerscough inspiration behind the club championship was 9th W55 and 99th woman in 41:08, 392nd overall. The Wesham men’s team finished 10th overall with the masters’ team (Gregory; Myerscough and Parkinson) were 5th.  This was the first time that Wesham had fielded any runners in this old race.

Elliot Costello ran the third of the Curleys Trail Races over the 5km distance on Wednesday evening, finishing 34th in 22:38. Stuart Clayton was 60th and 5th M50 in 24:55 and Jo McCaffery was 115th in 29:55.

Steve Abbott finished 7th in the Calderdale 10 on Good Friday, completing the hilly circuit in 64:54. Neil Harrison was 29th in 1:12:58 and Helen Lawrenson was 8th woman and 3rd W45 in 1:20:17, with Martin Bates 95th in 1:26:33. Finlay McCalman finished 160th in 1:37:10; Paul Carter 167th in 1:38:18 with Jen Salt 168th with 1:38:20. Keith Wilding was 229th in 1:57:53 running with his daughter.

In the Preston parkrun Stuart Topping was the first Wesham finisher with a time of 22:17 to record an M45 age graded performance of 65.15%. Robert Brown ran 25:48 for an M60 grade of 62.32% and Diane Blagden clocked 29:45 for W50 29:54. Julie Topping ran 35:39 for W45 45.91% and Lynn Brown 39:03 with a W55 grade of 47.63%. The Wesham parkrun tourists were in the Wyre Forest Nature Park in Bewdley in the West Midlands, and David Taylor returned the second fastest time of the day with 17:55 for an age grade of 72.56%. Megan Gore secured a JW11 grade of 42.72% with a time of 38:07, with Vicky Gore the same time and Steven one second behind in 38:08. Wesham members mobbed the Lytham Hall parkrun where there were over 350 runners in all on a glorious morning for running in perfect conditions. Rob Danson warmed down from the Salford 10k with a nifty 16:40 to record the fastest time of the day with an age performance of 77.40%. Chris Hastwell nipped in a tasty 18:32 with an M35 grade of 71.58%, and Lee Nixon another new personal best performance with 20:03 for M35 67.08%. Jonathan Lawson ran 21:45 for M50 68.35% and Keith Wilding upping the pace with 23:32 for a new best time and an M60 grade of 68.77%. Sharon Cooper clocked 23:35 for W45 67.35%; Graham Cunliffe a great performance with 23:55 for M60 68.22%; Ben Wrigley 24:52 with M35 54.09%; Paul Eccles 24:54 and M35 54.42%; Stephen Twist 25:01 with M50 59.89%; Lee Austin 25:05 for 51.69%; Kay Twist recorded 25:15 and 65.61%; Martin Allison 25:23 for M35 51.94%; James Danson 25:24 with M50 59.97%; Jack Rayson 26:15 with a senior grade of 49.14%; James Birchall 26:36 for 48.62%; Jo McCaffery clocked 26:53 with W40 57.22%; Sharlan Butcher ran 27:L46 for W45 57.20%; Dawn Biggs 27:53 with W50 60.85%; Finlay McCalman ran 28:05 for M55 54.72%; Andrew Moore 29:06 with M55 53.72%; Sally Deacon 32:07 with W50 53.50% with Alice Deacon by her side with 32:08 (46.06%); Nicola Carter ran 32:41 for W35 46.05%; Leah Birchall 33:20 for 44.40%; Rhianne Austin recorded 36:32 for 43.83%; Linda Williamson ran a new personal best time with 36:32 for W45 43.89%; and Alasdair Aston recorded 36:33 for M55 42.77%. In the Blackpool parkrun in Stanley Park Dave Young ran 27:38 for an M70 grade of 64.60%. George Kennedy had 24:36 for M60 65.79% with Dave Marsland just ahead in 24:28 with an M60 67.30%. Suzanne Leonard had the better of both of them with 24:12 for W45 68.46% while Stephen Browne ran 22:41 with an M50 grade 66.64%. Rob Wallace clocked 21:28 and an age grade performance of 60.09% and a new personal best. Along Fleetwood Promenade Peter Cruse ran 21:27 for an M55 grade 72.26% with Mark Renshall clocking 21:46 for M45 65.16%. Brian Jones had the better of 30:41 for an M55 grade of 51.39%.