Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Club chair in full action at the start of a busy week

The mid-week racing season is in full swing with summer standard time and the second race in the 5-mile Curleys Trail Races took place on Wednesday evening out back of Horwich, and Lee Barlow finished 9th over the undulating course on the foothills of the West Lancashire Moors in 20:14, placing 2nd M45. Steven Gore performed well to finish 16th in 20:46 Paul Lancashire was 36th in 21:58 and Elliot Costello 63rd just a week after his marathon finishing in 23:34. Helen Lawrenson came in 8th woman and 2nd W45 and 65th in 23:54. Stuart Clayton ran 24:43 for 81st place and Martin Alison was 104th in 26:12,. Kay Twist finished 29th woman and 133d in 28:41 and Vicky Gore was 33rd 2nd woman and 138th in 29:30. Jo McCaffery finished 35th and 141st in 29:46 and Tanya Shaw 45th and 156th in 31:21.

Garry Barnett ran the popular Three Bridges 10k with 392 runners in Lancaster on Sunday, finishing 7th in 38:22, placing 1st M50. Jonathan Lawson came in 100th in 46:56; Emma Lund was 18th woman and 102nd overall with 46:57. Mark Dobson was 131st in 48:34; Sara Ward was 29th and 142nd with 48:59; Sharon Cooper finished 154th in 49:24; Paul Carter was 260th in 56:20; Sharlan Butcher 277th with 58:16; and Dawn Biggs placed 280th in 58:42.

Diane Blagden ran the Hawkshead Trail 10k run and finished 242nd in this popular run in 1:29:33. Kerrie McNeill completed the off-road round in 314th place in 1:38:34 with Graham Brook. In the 16k Challenge trail race Anne Berry finished 253rd in 1:59:52.

With the Easter school holidays well underway Wesham runners were out and about visiting parkruns all over.  At home in Lytham Hall a contingent of Wesham members were challenging the twisting 2-lap 5km multi-terrain with David Taylor storming round to second fastest of the day with a new personal best time of 17:27 for an age graded performance of 74.50. Ian Nichols Hogg clocked 23: Kerry Eccles 32 for a grade of 54.82% and Colin Smy had 24:00 for M35 56.46%, a personal best. Emma Wright also took a best time of 26:13 for W40 58.68%; and Elizabeth Johnson 27:00 with W35 56.30%. Kerry Eccles ran 29:36 for W55 61.99%; and Jack Rayson 32:21 with 39.88%. In South Manchester Tracey Hulme ran her new local in Platts Field for a time of 23:57 approaching her best time for a W55 grade 75.57%. In the Preston parkrun Arran Galvin ran 19:45 for M35 68.10% and Steve Myerscough clocked 20:56 for M45 67.75% a near return to full fitness. Nigel Shepherd ran 21:16 with an M60 grade of 75.39% and Robert Brown clocked 25:36 with M60 63.22%. The Southport run attracted Stuart Clayton with 24:38 for M50 60.35%; Jo McCaffery 26:08 with W40 58.86%; and Tanya Shaw who ran 26:12 for W40 59.61%. On the Wimpole Estate near Cambridge Vicky Gore ran 29:06 for W40 53.67% and Steven Gore returned the same time in a supporting run for M35 45.88%. Both were first timers here and took the opportunity for some parkrun tourism. At Fell Foot near Newby Bridge in the Lakes Peninsulas Finlay McCalman ran 28:33 on the beautiful lakeside 2-lapper for an M55 grade of 53.82%. In Blackpool Andrew Moore was Wesham’s fastest member with a time of 27:19 for an M55 grade of 57.23%. Dave Young recorded an M70 performance of 63:26 with Dave Marsland pace-making with 37:23 for M60 44.05%. In France at Lac de Divonne in Divonne-les-Bains Alasdair Aston performed 33:58 for M55 46.03%. Fleetwood Promenade had a larger turnout with Lee Barlow putting in the best performance with a time of 18:56 for M45 76.06%. Peter Cruse had a good run with an M55 grade of 71.81% and a time of 21:35. Stephen Browne clocked 22:22 for M50 67.59%. Suzanne Leonard recorded 23:56 for W45 69.22% with George Kennedy in tow in 23:58 for M60 67.52%. Brian Jones ran 29:26 with an M55 53.57% and Mark Renshall had 32:00 for M45 44.32%.