Age Related Championship

Collated by Alan Hudson

The following races will make up the Age Related Championship for 2023
Please be aware, some dates may be subject to change.

Championship 2023

Garstang 10K8th January 2023Results Results
St. Annes 10 Mile29th January 2023Results Results
Blackburn Winter Warmer 10K10th February 2023Results Results
New Longton 10k12th March 2023Results Results
Lytham InterclubMay 2023ResultsResults
Thornton InterclubJune 2023ResultsResults
Freckleton Half Marathon18th June 2023ResultsResults
Riverside 10 Mile3rd September 2023ResultsResults
Green Drive 5 Mile5th October 2023ResultsResults
Catforth 5kTBCResultsResults

Your best 4 positions only count towards the championship. – Prizes are determined by number of individuals qualified.

Only Members between the following ages will be allowed to compete in this year’s competition.

Between Ages 15yrs to 19yrs & 35yrs onwards

Between 15yrs to 19yrs & 35yrs onwards

All members reaching these ages during the current competition will be automatically entered after their birthday’s, providing they can complete the compulsory 5 races.

The Age Related Formula

Easy to do: All you need is a simple calculator, together with your age on the day of the race.

Remember: Calculations must always be converted into seconds before your calculation can begin.

For Example:  5 minutes and 2 seconds must be converted to seconds

i.e.: 5 x 60 = 300 then you must add the seconds

i.e.: total from before is 300 + 2 = 302 seconds (and you’re off!! – Good Luck!!)

Please use the guide below to make your calculation.

Age Related Formula

1.        Minutes multiplied by 60 then add the seconds

2.        Multiply by the A.R.F (Age Related Factor – which you will get from the table.)

3.        Divide by 60 which gives you the following:-

4.        The figure before the point will give you your age related minutes

5.        All the figures after the point you must use to do the calculation to obtain your age related seconds:-

6.        60 x 0 point – And then use the figures from (b) above here

7.        Then press the percentage button on your calculator.  The first two digits will be your Age Related seconds.

Follow this example from the above 1 to 4 instructions

The lovely Carmel runs a 10 mile race in 67.26 when she is 42 years old.


67 x 60 + 26 = 4046 (seconds)

Multiply 4046 by 0.9473 (A.R.F. from the table)

Divide by 60  =   63.879596

a)      63 being her new time in minutes

b)      0.879596 being the figures to use next (in 4)

60 x 0.879596 %  =  0.5277576

Carmel’s Age Related Time is an impressive 63.52

……. Have a go …… it’s easy peasy!!