Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Glorious sunshine for the start of the Race 2 Remember

There were a lot of action this week with races all over the region and Wesham members were out and about. Steven Gore ran the Haigh Hall Night Race 5-mile on Wednesday evening, finishing the hilly course from the hall in 30th place with 27:48. Elliot Costello came in 114th in 31:15 and Ryan Azzopardi 123rd in 32:57. VickyGore was 8th W40 and 53rd woman in 37:36, 180th overall in this popular event. Debbie Myerscough finished 14th W40 and 90th woman in 46:17, 233rd overall.
The action returned to Scorton on Sunday from the Wyresdale Park up around Nicky Nook for the Race 2 Remember. Steven Gore finished 7th in 41:59; Vicky Gore 76th in 57:40; and Debbie Myerscough 102nd in 66:53 for the multi-terrain 5.7 miles.
The Kendal 10k race series kicked off at Kendal with three Wesham members joining the 109 runners. James Mulvany finished 5th and 2nd M40 in 36:28 over the undulating course with a steep uphill mile at halfway. He outkicked David Taylor over the closing mile as he came in 8th in 36:52 with a great run. Phil Leaver finished 68th in 49:28 in his final preparations for the upcoming European Masters’ Non-Stadia Championships in Alicante, Spain, placing 3rd Over-60. Conditions were damp but the rain largely held off and conditions were good for running.
Paul Hetherington finished 6th and 1st M40 in the Blacksticks Blue 10k from Inglewhite up around Beacon Fell, clocking 39:16 in the hilly terrain, following up on the similar Sherriff 10k the previous week. Paul Carter was 116th with 59:26 with 162 runners in the race.
Sarah Sherratt made a return to the fells in the Fairfield Horseshoe on Saturday, finishing 28th woman in 2:08:26 and 13th W40 (181st overall) over the 9 miles and 2999ft of ascent.
Thomas Crabtree was the only Wesham runner in the opening race of the Inter Club Fell race series at Mearley Clough on Tuesday evening, finishing 96th in 44:04 for the 3.5 miles and 1247ft climb.
Rob Wallace was the only credited Wesham finisher in Sunday’s Blackpool 10k fun run; he finished in 46:51 in 161st place overall. Elliot Costello clocked 44:45 for 101st place; Sean Murray 45:24 for 116th; Alan Hudson 47:20 for 174th (3rd M66+); Dave Marsland 179th with 47:31 (10th M56-65); Ben Wrigley 189 th in 47:53; Sharon Cooper 193rd with 47:56 (6th W36-45); Phil Leaver 270th in 50:17 (18th M56-65); Kay Twist 276th in 50:26 (4th W46-55); Dave Young 346th in 51:59 (5th M66+); Pauline Eccleston 500th in 54:54 (17th W46-55).
Martin Bates finished 81st in the Wray Caton Fell Race on May Day Bank Holiday in 1:14:13 for the 6.8 miles and 1099 ft of climb.
Three Wesham members ran the Wigan 10k Trail Race with 332 runners on Sunday in Amberswood, with Maureen Danson leading the way finishing 37th woman and 3rd W50 in 53:48,165th overall. Kerry Eccles was 45th woman and 2nd W55 in 54:45, 175th overall. James Danson was 179th in 55:11, 21st M50.
Graham Cunliffe ran the fastest Wesham time in Saturday morning’s Lytham Hall parkrun, scoring a new personal best time of 24:56 for an M60 age graded performance of 64.91%. Finlay McCalman clocked 27:36 for M50 55.19% and Andrew Moore ran 27:37 for M55 56.13%. Ben Wrigley was running with daughter Emily (JW10 64.54%) for 31:39, and Rob Wallace 35:20 on pacing duties. Sharon Cooper was on tail-end duties completing the course in 53:28. The parkrun tourists were in Manchester’s Heaton Park with a whopping 915 other runners, with David Taylor running 17:59 for a new personal best time with a grade of 72.10% and 6th fastest time of the day. Steven Gore ran 26:02 as a run pacemaker, and Vicky Gore finished 27:00 for W40 57.41%. Nigel Shepherd ran the Preston parkrun in 21:49 for M60 73.49%, with Elizabeth Johnson clocking 26:38 for W35 56.82%. Robert Brown ran 30:51 for M60 51.97%. Chris Pike was out at the St Helens run and  he had 26:47 for M40 52.15%. Martin Bates was out in Bolton’s Leverhulme Park and ran 24:08 for M60 67%. George Kennedy was on home ground in Glasgow’s Tollcross Park and ran 24:03 for M60 66.67%



Alex’s Newspaper Report.


Thursday evening saw a drop in temperature but the heat was on at the second of this year’s Inter Club Grand Prix series, hosted by Lytham on St Annes seafront and afterwards at the Fylde Rugby Club.

With the absence of Rob Danson due to knee injury Wesham were below strength and Salford’s David Rigby running for Preston was awarded a win. The leading Wesham men came together in a bunch with on-fire Lee Barlow finishing 11th and 3rd M40 in 28:58 for the 5-mile out-and-back route to Fairhaven Lake. He headed Ugis Datavs 12th in 28:59 and David Taylor 13th with 29:04. Steve Waterhouse finished 20th in 29:24, 6th M40, and Stephen Abbott was 24th and 8th M40 in 29:42. Paul Gregory came in 44th in 31:04, with Phil Quibell 58th and 2nd M60 in 31:41. Andrew Harling placed 62nd in 32:07; Simon Denye 65th and 24th M40 in 32:18; and Neil Gregson 80th with 33:08. The Senior Men finished 4th team with a lot of strong competition this year and a below-strength squad. The Wesham women finished 6th team in a shock result, with Helen Lawrenson 13th and 6th W40 in 33:57; Sue Coulthurst 19th and 8th W40 in 35:35; Sue Cooper a great run in 34th place and 15th W40 (38:28); Maureen Danson 51st in 40:41 and Kay Twist 52nd in 40:53. The same ladies team took 3rd W40 team. The Men Veterans (Barlow; Waterhouse; Abbott; Quibell; Denye and Carl Groome (40th in 33:29) fared better with 2nd team. The M50s (Quibell; Alex Rowe 16th in 33:52 (92nd); John Collier 21st and 107th overall in 34:04 and Peter Cruse 26th with 34:27 (117th) were 3rd team. The M60 team of Quibell 2nd; Rowe 5th; and Collier 8th won the M60 team. Continue reading

Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Team Wesham at the Brun Valley 10k trail race.

It was a quieter week as athletes and spectators alike recovered from the London Marathon and other 26.2 races in the spring calendar.

A handful of Wesham members travelled to the Brun Valley Trail 10k in Thompson Park in Burnley on Sunday. Steven Gore was the first Wesham finisher in 15th place with a time of 43:49 for the 10km. Kath Hoyer finished 12th woman and 2nd W55 in 52:15, 64th overall. Vicky Gore was 31st woman and 8th W40 in 58:02, in 11th place overall. Dave Waywell came in 1st M70 and 150th overall in 61:30. Anne Berry was 68th woman and 7th W55 in 62:18 for 166th place overall. Continue reading

Alex’s Newspaper Report.

The most talked about athletics event last week was the London Marathon with 40,000 runners and a stellar cast at the sharp end. David Taylor may have found the warm conditions a little too challenging as his 5km splits slowed by up to 2 minutes in the second half but he finished well under the 3 hour mark with 2:58:38 for 951st place, with halfway in 1:26:38.  Continue reading

Alex’s Newspaper Report.


Maureen Danson takes it cool in the Curlys 5k Trail run


With a mixed bag of weather last week it was quiet for athletics with perhaps action holding off in preparation for this weekend’s London Marathon.


In the third and final race of the Curlys 5km Trail series on Wednesday evening Lee Barlow finished 5th overall in 20:16 placing 2nd M45. Steven Gore was 9th in 20:54 and Paul Gregory 10th with 21:03.  Gemma Owen finished 8th woman and 42nd overall in 24:20 in 2nd W35 place. Martin Bates was 61st in 26:20 finishing 4th M60. Sharon Cooper came straight off her train home from Manchester at Horwich Parkway and just made it to the start to run 27:48 for 6th F40.  Mark Dobson finished 77th in 28:50; Vicky Gore finished 80th and 7th W40 in 29:13, 50 secs faster this week; Maureen Danson was 87th in 29:37; Rob Danson Snr came in 91st with 30:01; and Kerry Eccles finished 101st in 31:49 for 4th W55. In the overall series results from all three races Steven Gore placed 6th with a combined time of 1:04:16 Vicky Gore finished 16th woman and 2nd W45 with 1:29:01 for 56th place overall. Continue reading

Alex’s Newspaper Report.



The event of the week was the first Inter Club race for 2018 in Blackpool’s Stanley Park but there was a challenge with the weather with a cold and wet evening.

Undeterred Wesham’s Rob Danson was untouchable form the start as he ripped up the course and won in 19:54 over the measured 4-mile 2-lap circuit. The Wesham men had a great front squad as Steve Swarbrick took 5th place with 21:37; Steve Littler 7th and 1st M40 (3rd master overall) timed at 21:55, and David Taylor coming in 16th with 22:59. Lee Barlow ran strongly to finish 21st and 7th Over-40 in 23:10 passing and holding off Steve Waterhouse 27th and 10th O-40 in 23:22. Continue reading

Alex’s Newspaper Report.



There may have been Easter bunnies out over the weekend but spring was not in the air with another cold snap coming in from the north west. However there was plenty of athletics action and Wesham members were out in numbers.


Good Friday saw the top quality Salford 10k take to its two laps of the streets and Rob Danson was 6th in a fast 31:06. David Taylor finished 67th in 35:43; Lee Barlow was close behind in 84th and 8th M45 in 36:24. Alex Rowe completed his first 10k in 18 months of knee problems finishing 180th and 5th M60 in 39:54. Tanya Barlow was 99th woman and 16th W45 in 50:31, placing 419th overall. Continue reading

Predictor Race 23rd April 2018

On Monday 23 April we will be holding our annual Predictor Race.

Similar to the monthly Handicap Races you will register on the night and as you do you will write down the time you think it will take you to complete the course. You will then set off, en masse, without any timing or distance devices – no watch, garmin, pedometer, fitbit, MP3, sundial or anything else that fits the description. The person closest to their predicted time will be declared the winner. Last year we had joint winners, Martin Bates and Peter Bartlett, both were just 10 secs out, but 5 mins 30 secs apart with their finishing times.

You can set yourself whatever pace you wish, flat out racing pace or gentle recovery jog.

The race will be over 4 miles but under the Summer Handicap distance of 4.9.

There is a Trophy up for grabs, and maybe more than one prize!!

Finally, yes I know it is the day after the London Marathon, it is on the same day as last year when 43 Members completed the race with approx. 10 others volunteering as Marshalls. For this year I will need a similar number.

If anyone would like some more information please get in touch.